Soup Mug

SGD 68

Colour: Fog

A simple but striking cup with a rustic textured finish, the perfect size for soups, granola or tea.

Handmade, and hand glazed by Shizuko Hasuo in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Approximately 14cm wide.

• Small variations and imperfections are to be expected for handmade items. • Please note that no returns or exchanges will be allowed for all ceramics.
• Only the Same Day Delivery option is allowed for all purchases of ceramics.

  • How would you describe your work?

    "I value the shape of the pieces. I emphasize the feeling of holding it my hand and the shape seen from the side. I want to make a vessel that can be used every day."

    What inspires the colours you use?

    "The image of colour is a fantastic landscape such as a forest or the sea where the fog rises."

  • Soak your ceramic ware in water for 30 minutes before the first use to make them more stain-resistant. Ensure your wares are thoroughly dry before storing them in closed cabinets.

    Microwave and dishwasher safe. Do not use in the oven. Avoid heating in microwave with oily dishes.



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