"I had this dream that I have known your scent all my life"

-- Joe Straynge

Scented by Le Labo for Something to Hold.

A special partnership celebrating authenticity, craftsmanship, and the romance of everyday life.

Two months in the lead up to this announcement, we have been secretly misting your parcels and clothes with Ambrette 9 -- a soft, familiar, and comforting scent by Le Labo, and you have been loving it! "Have never received a parcel that smells this good before" "The dress has a particular nice scent on it. Did you spray something? I really love the smell" "I just received my package and it smells so wonderful! I cannot believe this is how newly manufactured clothes smell like! It must be something that was sprayed on" Ambrette 9 is undeniably a rarity as it is based mainly on the ambrette seed, the only musky scent made by nature itself and almost impossible to find. Lightly perfumed, the signature of this formula is fresh and soft thanks to a combination of citrus and fruit that gives a very special fragrance.

We are so excited to introduce Ambrette 9 as the official Something to Hold scent in partnership with Le Labo.

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